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A Big Lap: Australia Ride Recap

 Our lap around Australia officially came to a close when we rolled into Cairns yesterday afternoon.  Friday morning we’ll zip to the airport and fly off to Japan for an adventure in the Land of the Rising Sun.   Here’s how the tour looks in numbers: : 11, 257 kilometers    29    $2,176 Australian [...]

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Zen and the Art of Bicycle Touring

‘Oh, merde!’ I knew what that meant.  Another flat tire.  And to think we hadn’t even hit the road yet. Gently stirring the concoction of instant oats, milk powder, raisins and sugar that would be our breakfast, I pushed our mechanical troubles to the back of my mind. With the constant drone of traffic on [...]

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Queensland Encounters: it’s not just cows and kangaroos

We’re bumping along another lonely country road, calling to the cows as they chomp lazily.  A family of sprightly kangaroos bounces past.  The morning mist is heavy, but brilliant rays of sun peek through with the promise of another gorgeous Queensland day. The Tropic of Capricorn’s not far now.  A week’s ride perhaps.  Less if [...]

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The Big Blur

Guyra, Glen Innes, Deepwater, Glencoe, Sandy Flat, Boonah…names of small Australian towns we’d rolled through in the last week.  I couldn’t conjure up an image of a single one.  Just as package tourists on 10 day/ 14 country European vacations, all the places had blended into one.     There were tumble-down general stores and [...]

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Tackling the Tablelands

“Is this the way to Hanging Rock?” “Are you going to attempt to cycle all the way up there?” “No, not attempt.  I AM going to cycle up to Hanging Rock!” I was fed up with people doubting my abilities.  Telling me a place was ‘too far’ or ‘too remote’ or ‘too difficult’ to get [...]

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Back to Oz

“Please step aside.  We need more information about your visit.” The request was pleasant enough, but I was still worried.  Nobody likes to be stopped at immigration. “Have you been to Australia before?” “Yes, for three months back in 2012,” I replied, trying to sound cool and casual. “Are you working in Australia? “No, of [...]

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Good Times on the Great Ocean Road

America’s got the Pacific Coast Highway, Australia’s got the Great Ocean Road.  Both are stunningly beautiful with jaw-dropping views.  Both are prone to the kind of weather that sends sane cyclists to an indoor spinning class.  And both are worth the effort even in torrential rains and gale force winds. The Great Ocean Road is [...]

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Headwinds, Flies and Forest Fires

Rugged coastline, pristine beaches, sleepy fishing villages, rolling farmland, world-class diving and spectacular seafood. The Eyre Peninsula has it all according to the Australia Tourism Board. Given our shoestring budget, I knew the last two were out.  But those first four, well, they sounded pretty damn enticing after the bleakness of the Nullarbor Plain. Yes, [...]

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Stranded in the Southwest

You must visit Southwest Australia. We’d been hearing that mantra since we touched down in tropical Darwin almost two months back.  And how could we resist?   Locals promised us some of the best scenery in Australia- fields of colorful wildflowers,  winding country roads, rolling hills covered in vineyards and a chance to get up close [...]

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End of the Outback

Six weeks and nearly 4,000 kilometers and we finally reach our first real Australia city: Perth!  To say that distances in the outback are vast is to state the obvious.   Never before have we biked a region so remote. After just a few days in urban surroundings, the lonely highway slicing through the barren land [...]

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