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Burma by Bike WorldBiking ebook contains 54 pages of photos and how-to information on bicycle touring in Myanmar.

Topics include:

  • How to get visas and special permits for Myanmar
  • The best season to visit Myanmar
  • Top 10 place to visit in Myanmar
  • Tips on how to deal with police and authorities in Myanmat
  • Suggestions for bicycle touring routes in Myanamar

Myanmar is one of our favorite bike touring destinations and we want to inspire others to explore this unique corner of Southeast Asia.

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Here’s a selection of screenshots of what’s included in the Burma by Bike e-book:

 tBurma by Bike humbnails 1-6

burma by Bike Thumbnails
Burma by Bike Thumbnails 3

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Special Thanks:  I am immensely grateful to Grace Johnson of Bicycle Traveler Magazine for encouragement, copy editing and insightful criticism.

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FREE e-book: Burma by Bike

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