Could there be a simple way to start saving money for a bicycle tour around the world? Quite possibly.

The typical US household spends $3,008 per year on dining out, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics.

That's$250 per month spent on restaurants that could be stashed away in a bicycle travel fund.

Statistics compiled by The Next Challenge website found that the average monthly cost of cycling around the world is just $545.

That means that by foregoing restaurants for just 8 weeks, you might be able to finance a bicycle tour for an entire month. 

Of course, real life is never as simple as statistics. But this may give you some food for thought.

Check out the graphics below for more easy ways to cut back on waste and start saving for your big bicycle tour.

ways to save money for a bicycle tour

Graphics are courtesy of and are part of their United States of Financial Waste project.

Easy Ways to Save Money for a Bicycle Tour

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