Discover women adventurers on epic round-the-world bicycle tours on the new Women Cycle the World website.

Women Cycle the World is a collection of blogs and resources showcasing women who ride bikes in the remotest corners of our planet.

The fact is, more and more women are exploring the world by bicycle. They're riding up remote mountain passes, crossing continents on two wheels, and camping wild in the middle of nowhere.

But often, we don't hear about their cycling adventures until far into the trip.

That's why we created Women Cycle the World: to make it easier to discover female cyclists.  To get inspired.  To find fodder for your dreams.

Whether they cycle solo or with a partner, you'll find scores of female bicycle travelers featured here.

Welcome Women Cycle The World


Below are examples of featured cyclists on Women Cycle the World.

Anne Por-Anne Westwards website
In September 2015, Anne Por packed up her touring bike and boarded a flight to the Central Asian country of Kyrgyzstan. A vague idea of 'cycling westwards' swirled around in the back of her mind.
In the world of long-distance bicycle touring, Central Asia stands out as one of the most challenging destinations on the planet. Tales abound of cyclists buckling under the physical demands of biking the high Pamir Mountains and despairing of the labyrinthine bureaucracy for which the region is notorious.
Anne set off to cycle Central Asia with absolutely zero prior bicycle touring experience under her belt. It was her first bike trip ever.
She invested a good part of her savings in gear and a sturdy bicycle, left everything behind in her home country of Germany and took a leap of faith.
She  ended up falling in love with cycle touring and has not been able to stop since.
Anne has a penchant for wild camping, high mountain ranges and the beautiful remote corners of this planet, but enjoys a cup of tea with locals just as much (or two... or three...).
For her, this cycling trip is an inner journey just as much as it is about cycling.
So far, she has explored much of Asia and the Middle East - who knows where the journey will take her next?
Sarah Webb--Long Rode Home website
Sarah Webb is an Australian  journalist who got fed up with writing about other people’s adventures and decided to set off on one of her own.
Here's how the adventurer from Down Under describes herself:

I’m a writer, a busy body and chronic  sufferer of little man syndrome, foot in mouth disease and verbal gastro and I have an  unfortunate tendency to embarrass myself in public.

Sarah is not one of those bicycle travelers who embraced camping and the great outdoors from an early age. Three years ago, she'd never ridden a bike more than five kilometers, and just four years back she'd never so much as spent a single night in a tent.
It was the sprouting of her first grey hairs that awakened her spirit of exploration. She's since realized that the essential traits of a successful cycle tourist are being:

a little bit crazy, a little bit naive and really itchy in the feet department.

Sarah is undertaking her world tour with fellow Aussie Scott Daniel-Guiterrez.  After taking a year's break in China to teach English and replenish their funds, the couple is now back on the road bicycle touring in Asia.
Their latest blog posts delve into the trials and tribulations of riding the cold road to Tibet during the heart of winter. You can get a good feel for their touring style by checking out their 10 Lessons from the Road article.

Visit the Women Cycle the World Website.


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