Cycling Idaho Hot Springs Mountain Bike Route

Idaho Hot Springs Route

In 2014, Adventure Cycling unveiled what promised to be one of America’s most beautiful and ...

Cycling Idaho Hot Springs Mountain Bike Route

Idaho Hot Springs Route

In 2014, Adventure Cycling unveiled what promised to be one of America’s most beautiful and challenging bicycles touring routes: the Idaho Hot Springs Mountain Biking Route. The Idaho Hot Springs Mountain Bike Route guides riders over and through the breathtaking landscape of central Idaho. From blue ribbon trout streams to sub-alpine terrain and cozy mountain [...]

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Biking Eastern Oregon: the Stunning Steens Mountain Loop

“The most stunning, unique route in Oregon.” Who’d want to miss that?  Not us.  Bikepacking Oregon’s enthusiastic praise had us sold: Steens Mountain is one of the most spectacular places anywhere.  The dramatic rise of this fault block mountain above the surrounding landscape and its impact on the topography, including the Alvord Desert and the Malhuer [...]

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Biking Oregon’s Old West Scenic Bikeway and Beyond

Private Road.  No Trespassing. We’d learned to love navigating with online maps, but his time they’d steered us wrong. Did we continue?  No way. We were riding Eastern Oregon, a place some claim is the Redneck Capital of America.  Most folks are packin’ and trespassing in these parts is a serious offense. We quickly disregarded [...]

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A Change of Plans: Bicycle Touring on Idaho’s Weiser River Trail

  “Those roads are probably still buried under three feet of snow.  You’ll have a tough time making it through.” The forest ranger in McCall confirmed what we’d begun to fear: it was still too early in the season to attempt the Idaho Hot Springs Route from Adventure Cycling. Eric and I let out simultaneous [...]

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Back in the USA- bicycle touring in Montana and Idaho

  One last ride across the University of Montana campus and we were ready to roll.   A familiar feeling of intense excitement mixed with melancholy swept over me.  Montana felt like home and it was hard to leave. I liked Missoula and its mélange of hipsters on clunky bikes and rednecks in humongous pickup trucks.  [...]

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Bicycle Touring in the Indian Himalaya: Spiti and Lahoul Valleys

The high Himalaya looms large in cyclists’ lore.  Over the years we’ve been privy to plenty of tales of ferocious headwinds, debilitating altitude sickness, and freak summer snowstorms. Finally it was our turn to ride some of the world’s highest motorable passes. For most cyclists, the big draw in the Indian Himalaya is the Leh-Manali [...]

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Why Oman deserves a Spot on your Bicycle Touring Bucket List

Bicycle touring in Oman?  Yes, OMAN!  That low key country just down the road from Dubai, snuggled up next to Saudi Arabia (where it’s actually illegal for women to ride bicycles) and Yemen (in the midst of a nasty civil war). Oman is an oasis of tranquility and stability in a region which is, well, [...]

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7 Myths about Cycling Iran

Iran is one of the most misunderstood countries on the planet.  Almost everyone who has the opportunity to visit Iran,  falls in love with its warm and generous people.  The country certainly has its challenges, but there are many misconceptions about life inside the Islamic Republic.   Myth #1: It’s almost impossible to escape Iran’s [...]

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