9 Things to Know about Bike Touring in Bangladesh

    As a touring destination, Bangladesh ranks up there with backwaters such as Brunei ...

9 Things to Know about Bike Touring in Bangladesh

    As a touring destination, Bangladesh ranks up there with backwaters such as Brunei and Burundi.   The cyclists who do trickle into the country are usually on multi-year tours. With so few two-wheeled tourists, the country is something of an unknown quantity. I knew that Bangladesh is incredibly crowded, and that was about it.  [...]

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Incredible India: cycling the Northeast part 2

As much as India infuriates me, there’s no denying the country lives up to its catchy marketing slogan: Incredible !ndia. Where else on earth can you find elephants loping down the highway? Nobody (except for silly foreign tourists) bats an eye.  This is NORMAL.  Of course you share the roads with elephants.   And sacred cows, [...]

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Not the India you Know

  India.  Chaos and confusion, filth and frustration diluted by a dash of unbelievable beauty.  There exists no country on earth so thoroughly maddening, yet so undeniably captivating. All told, we’ve travelled to India on six separate occasions. As wide-eyed backpackers we bounced around the country in the late 90’s.  In the early 2000’s we [...]

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Second-rate spies and more surprises

There he was again.  His bright red Adidas baseball cap giving him away.  It was an unfortunate choice in attire for a third-rate spy. Trailing two slow moving cyclists must grow tiresome.  Especially when said cyclists stop frequently to snap photos, dash behind a tree to attend to nature’s call or just pull off on [...]

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Cycling Myanmar

  Approaching voices in the distance sent a shudder up my spine.  Eric and I fell into an immediate silence.  It was our first night in Myanmar.  We were wild camping. And suddenly we weren’t alone. Finding a suitable spot to pitch the tent hadn’t been easy.  Small settlements of bamboo huts and simple dwellings [...]

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Where’s your sense of Adventure?

Eric normally hammers out our routes.  I trust him, most of the time.  We both like big mountains and empty spaces.  Neither of us are big city people and we’re fairly indifferent towards most major tourist meccas. After China, I was up for some easy cycling.  Scenic Highway 13, with all its facilities catering towards [...]

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China Loop: the grand finale

The blog’s been quiet for the past few months.  Many of you have wondered what’s up.   Well, we haven’t tossed in the towel, if that’s what you’re thinking.  And no, we haven’t been lounging on some Thai beach attempting to recover from the rigors of China.  And if you’re imagining 8+ years on the road [...]

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The Yi and the Yangtze

After the austere beauty of the Tibetan Plateau, we thought the rest of China might turn into a big disappointment.   Not in the least. Alright, the first few days out of Chengdu were a blur of smoke belching factories and a succession of grubby provincial towns filled with locals hacking and spitting as they went [...]

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