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Old West Bikeway Oregon

discover another side of Oregon old west scenic bikeway Great getaway The Old West Scenic Bikeway offers a tantalizing variety of terrain and scenery.  You’ll pedal past everything  from rushing rivers  and dramatic rock formations to steamy hot springs and

Bicycle Touring Norway

Before visiting, I knew 5 things about Norway:The roads are really, really steep.Everything is crazy expensive.Vicious mosquitoes and midges attack any unprotected flesh.The weather is stormy and unsettled all year long.The wild camping is wonderful.

Random Saddle Tales

Happy in Hokkaido!

Sunshine.  A few rays of warm sunshine, that’s all it took to transform our Hokkaido cycle tour from one of futile misery to fun.  Our sincerest apologies, beautiful Hokkaido!  Your reputation as a world class cycling destination is well deserved.

The Final Continent

As we touched down in Australia I’d expected a surge of emotion. This was, after all, our final continent (unless we manage to bike Antarctica one day). Back in 2006, the plan was a simple cycle tour to Cape Town.

Mayhem on the Mainland

Getting  from Hong Kong- a tiny territory crammed full of 7 million people- to Shenzhen- a sprawling mega-city populated by 14 million individuals—was going to be a challenge. Just 50 kilometers, mind you, but the memory of our ride from

Thoughts on Sticking it Out

I hate the feeling of giving up.  You probably do, too. Yet we all have those throw-in-the-towel days. During our two and a half months biking around Borneo I’ve had plenty of them. But I stuck it out.   And I’m