Tibet for Foreigners: Part 2

  Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh all  the way down the mountain for 15 odd kilometers.  Ok ...

Tibet for Foreigners: Part 2

  Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh all  the way down the mountain for 15 odd kilometers.  Ok maybe it was more like bump, curse, bump.  The rock-strewn Daxuenshan Pass road was rough, and we maxed out at around 8 kms an hour.  Still, it was fun to finally be going DOWN  after such an arduous ride up. [...]

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Tibet for Foreigners: Part 1

  Independent Tibet travel for foreigners has been officially off-limits for years.  The occasional intrepid cyclist does manage to sneak in, but most who try it get booted out by the ever-vigilant officers of the PSB (Public Security Bureau). Unwilling to risk potential lock up in a Chinese prison, we opted for the next best [...]

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Another Beautiful Ride for your Bucket List

  Southwest China deserves to be near the top of any adventure cyclist’s must-ride list.  The last 3 weeks biking Yunnan province have been some of the best in recent years.  Yunnan is a place of empty spaces, pristine natural beauty and a colorful mix of ethnic groups. Southwest China If your image of China [...]

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Road Rage: a rocky start in China

An enraged local man punches Eric in the face, busting his glasses.  That’s how our China tour began. Actually, there were two men.  The middle-aged guy shook Eric by the collar while the younger one threw the punch. A case of road rage gone really  wrong  Here’s how it all went down… The Chinese guys [...]

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A Short Spin Through Laos–Land of Smiles!

We love Laos.  This is where we met way back in 1996 and the country will always hold a special place in our hearts. Much has changed since we backpacked there in the mid-90’s.  Back then there was no tourist trail.  A few backpacker friendly guesthouses were popping up in Luang Prabang but that was [...]

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The Good Life: Bike Touring in Thailand

The wind picked up, the sky turned a deep indigo and a few moments later the clouds burst.  The rain fell fast and furious, pelting the thin metal roof under which we were sheltering.   I was grateful to the Thai monks for their tradition of welcoming travelers. Tonight we would have a safe, dry place [...]

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Milestone: 150,000 Kilometers!

 World Biking Image Wall In 2006 when we set off to cycle to Cape Town, we NEVER EVER imagined still being on the road 8 years and 150,000 kilometers later. Spend some time browsing through the images below and the same thing might just happen to you! Keep scrolling down to reveal pictures from the [...]

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The Good, the Bad and the Downright Baffling

Almost six months ago we rolled off the Pelni from Malaysia and set out to circumnavigate Sulawesi. We survived that (but just barely) and went on to bike the length of Java (which turned out to be much better than expected). After my whirlwind trip to Montana and Eric’s stay in Jakarta (which is a [...]

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