Bicycle Touring in the Indian Himalaya: Spiti and Lahoul Valleys

The high Himalaya looms large in cyclists’ lore.  Over the years we’ve been privy to ...

Bicycle Touring in the Indian Himalaya: Spiti and Lahoul Valleys

The high Himalaya looms large in cyclists’ lore.  Over the years we’ve been privy to plenty of tales of ferocious headwinds, debilitating altitude sickness, and freak summer snowstorms. Finally it was our turn to ride some of the world’s highest motorable passes. For most cyclists, the big draw in the Indian Himalaya is the Leh-Manali [...]

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Why Oman deserves a Spot on your Bicycle Touring Bucket List

Bicycle touring in Oman?  Yes, OMAN!  That low key country just down the road from Dubai, snuggled up next to Saudi Arabia (where it’s actually illegal for women to ride bicycles) and Yemen (in the midst of a nasty civil war). Oman is an oasis of tranquility and stability in a region which is, well, [...]

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7 Myths about Cycling Iran

Iran is one of the most misunderstood countries on the planet.  Almost everyone who has the opportunity to visit Iran,  falls in love with its warm and generous people.  The country certainly has its challenges, but there are many misconceptions about life inside the Islamic Republic.   Myth #1: It’s almost impossible to escape Iran’s [...]

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Sikkim Surprises.

  Our last update was from Bangladesh.  That was almost 12 months back.  Since then, we let the blog slide.  Of course we could trot out numerous excuses for the lapse in online communication.  Limited internet access.  A full-on cycling schedule.  Focus on other projects.  The truth is we just needed a break from blogging. [...]

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Burma by Bike free e-book download

FREE e-book: Burma by Bike

Download our latest e-book (it’s free!). Burma by Bike: a short guide to bicycle touring in Myanmar 54 pages of photos and how-to information on bicycle touring in Myanmar. Topics include visas and special permits, when to go, where to sleep, Burma top 10, dealing with authorities plus tips on roads and routes. Myanmar is [...]

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9 Things to Know about Bike Touring in Bangladesh

    As a touring destination, Bangladesh ranks up there with backwaters such as Brunei and Burundi.   The cyclists who do trickle into the country are usually on multi-year tours. With so few two-wheeled tourists, the country is something of an unknown quantity. I knew that Bangladesh is incredibly crowded, and that was about it.  [...]

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Incredible India: cycling the Northeast part 2

As much as India infuriates me, there’s no denying the country lives up to its catchy marketing slogan: Incredible !ndia. Where else on earth can you find elephants loping down the highway? Nobody (except for silly foreign tourists) bats an eye.  This is NORMAL.  Of course you share the roads with elephants.   And sacred cows, [...]

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Not the India you Know

  India.  Chaos and confusion, filth and frustration diluted by a dash of unbelievable beauty.  There exists no country on earth so thoroughly maddening, yet so undeniably captivating. All told, we’ve travelled to India on six separate occasions. As wide-eyed backpackers we bounced around the country in the late 90’s.  In the early 2000’s we [...]

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