5 Common Myths about Cycling Southeast Asia

It’s too touristy—you’ll be surrounded by hordes of  cyclists and swarms of backpackers. 100% not ...

5 Common Myths about Cycling Southeast Asia

It’s too touristy—you’ll be surrounded by hordes of  cyclists and swarms of backpackers. 100% not true. Of course if you’re hungry for company, there’ll be no shortage of places to connect with fellow tourists.  But if you’re in search of an ‘authentic’ experience, you’ll find it as soon as you slip of the banana pancake [...]

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We made It (but just barely)!

We made it (to our own great amazement)! A whopping 3,563 kilometers around just one of Indonesia’s 18,307 islands. In comparison, London to Istanbul measures 2,994 kilometers.  Maine to Florida just 2,560 kilometers. So we’ve covered a lot of kilometers on Sulawesi.  Most of them pretty painful.  I figure we had 3 days of relatively [...]

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Long Live Tarmac

    The Indonesians, with a little monetary support from their Aussie neighbors, have embarked on a road building bonanza.  Silky smooth tarmac roads soon will link most of the coastal settlements. This is a good thing.  We love riding rough (maybe not as much as the Pikes on Bikes or Cass Gilbert, but we’re up for shakes [...]

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The Best Coastal Cycling on the Planet

That’s a bold claim to make.  But we believe it’s true. As any keen touring cyclist will know, there’s stiff competition in the best coastal road category.  Over the years, we’ve had the good fortune to bike some of the most beautiful seaside routes in the world:  America’s Pacific Coast, Australia’s Great Ocean Road, both [...]

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Top 5 Reasons to Cycle Madagascar

#1: Scenery Madagascar’s scenery is very diverse and includes tropical rainforest, different types of desert, mountains, beaches, canyons and rice terraces as pretty as you’ll find on Bali. There is also southern African bushland, with the deep red clay soil that makes the scenery so attractive. It is just gorgeous where ever you go.    #2:National Parks: [...]

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Sulawesi: Land of Sand, Suffering and Instant Stardom

Hello Mister!  Hello Mister!  Hello Mister! And so it goes from dawn till dusk.  The attention never lets up.  Gangs of teenage girls on motorbikes screech to a halt and demand a photo shoot with the odd foreigners.  Shy kids sneak a peek as we set up camp in their elementary school.  Bold young men [...]

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Slow Boat to Sulawesi

Complete chaos.  That’s the best way to describe boarding procedures on the slow boat to Sulawesi. Passengers debarking in Nunukan stumbled down a steep, metal plank while porters loaded down with goods simultaneously attempted to squeeze  and shove their way onto the ship.  Unsurprising result: a big bottleneck and nobody moved. It was one of [...]

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  Asia is an increasingly popular destination for cycle touring. Bike the popular routes through Thailand or Laos, and you’ll cross paths with other two-wheeled travelers on a daily basis.  The destinations covered in this book see just a trickle of foreign cyclists. And it’s certainly not for a lack of great riding spots. These four [...]

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