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Old West Bikeway Oregon

discover another side of Oregon old west scenic bikeway Great getaway The Old West Scenic Bikeway offers a tantalizing variety of terrain and scenery.  You’ll pedal past everything  from rushing rivers  and dramatic rock formations to steamy hot springs and

Bicycle Touring Norway

Before visiting, I knew 5 things about Norway:The roads are really, really steep.Everything is crazy expensive.Vicious mosquitoes and midges attack any unprotected flesh.The weather is stormy and unsettled all year long.The wild camping is wonderful.

Random Saddle Tales

Into the Heartland

The Maori people paddled  their canoes to New Zealand’s shores some 700 years ago.   Descendants of these early settlers still populate the East Cape. The East Cape sometimes gets a bad rap.  Concerned New Zealanders from other parts of the

We made It (but just barely)!

We made it (to our own great amazement)! A whopping 3,563 kilometers around just one of Indonesia’s 18,307 islands. In comparison, London to Istanbul measures 2,994 kilometers.  Maine to Florida just 2,560 kilometers. So we’ve covered a lot of kilometers