Welcome to World Biking

We're Eric and Amaya, two ordinary people on a quest to bicycle through every country on the planet.

World Biking began in June 2006 as a 30 country/30,000 kilometer ride through Africa.

Somewhere between Senegal and South Africa, we fell in love with the idea of becoming full-time bicycle nomads and touring the world.

Now we’ve cycled more than 180,000 kilometers through 102 countries on all six permanently inhabited continents.

Our aim is to become the first couple to cycle through every country on the planet.  All 195 of them.

More about Eric Schambion

Eric has had a passion for travel ever since he was a small boy accompanying his father in the cab of his lorry throughout Europe. He grew up in Obernai, France and later moved to Darmstadt, Germany where he began his career with the European Space Agency.

More about Amaya Williams

Amaya grew up in Montana. She set off to explore the world in 1995 when an old high school friend (thanks Tracy!) asked her the probing question, "Is this really what you want out of life?” Caught up in the corporate rat race at the time, the answer was an emphatic ‘NO.’  

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Meet Eric

Chief flat-fixer, news junkie, podcast addict, ramen noodle fan, penny-pincher, philosophy nut
Meet Amaya

Meet Amaya

Photography enthusiast, dog lover, coffee addict, podcast junkie, yoga fan, creative wannabe, lover of chocolate

Eric and Amaya

As fate would have it, we met in Vientiane, Laos and spontaneously decided to continue our travels around Asia together. A need to replenish our financial resources eventually brought us to Europe. Seeing the tax advantages of marriage, Eric proposed and we tied the knot on December 30th, 1998--Amaya thus counting as a whole year of tax write-offs.

Having once tasted the freedom of extended travel, we found settling down to the easy routine of western life less than fulfilling. In 2001,  we dusted off our backpacks and set off for 12 months exploring Latin America from Mexico City to Buenos Aires.

Another stint working in Europe followed, with Eric returning to Eumetsat (European Meteorological Satellites) and Amaya doing freelance work in communications training.

We'd always had a trip through Africa in the back of our minds and were busy stashing away money for our eventual escape from the workforce.

In 2005, Amaya stumbled on the site of Alastair Humphreys,a young Englishman who was biking around the world.

Immediately inspired, she decided biking was the way to travel.

Eric (a more prudent soul) had many doubts:

We might get caught in the cross-fire of a civil war!

Would if we lose our way in the Sahara and die of thirst?

There are no roads in some of those countries!

Eventually, his objections were overcome by Amaya's one and only all-encompassing argument: if a Brit can do it, why can't we?

Check out the Interactive Map to see the 102 Countries We've Cycled since 2006

Getting Started

For help planning your own bicycle tour, have at look at the Resources  Section.

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