Certainly not Jay Pathak.  The 60 year old Indian-national set off on a bicycle tour of his home country and his gear is about as low-tech as it gets.

Jay Pathak ready to set off for a ride around India

Homemade plastic panniers, a regular ‘ole bike and Jay is good to go.  This inspirational retiree is having so much fun on his two-wheeled adventure of India that he’s already got plans to push on towards Europe.

Here’s what Jay has to say about his very first bicycle touring experience:

I left Pune Mon 6th Feb morning

Monday Traveled 50 km –at Palase– 1 st halt
Tuesday Traveled 15 km–at Dive–2nd halt
Wed traveled 56 km– at  Nightane– 3rd halt
Thursday traveled 44 km–at Diveagar–4th halt
Stayed on Friday
Came back to Pune Sat morning by bus

1) Total Distance traveled= 171 kms
2) Max speed= 30kms/hr
3) Avg distance covered/day= 42.5 kms
4) Max distance covered/day= 56 kms

5) Bike= No problem
6) Threat/Fear= Night halt , Rough Road, Head on wind
7) Most tough part= Morba steep 11 kms climb
8) Most Pleasant part= Dongarwadi 15 kms from Nive
9) Most safe= Diveagar
10) Total Expenses= 912 Rs
11) Most frequent questions= * why u r traveling on bicycle * Why U R alone
* At this age why U want travel on bicycle?
12) Peoples curiosity= Sleeping bag, Stove, Bike comp, Wants a bicycle ride


Jay hits some rough roads.

Jay isn’t letting anything stop him from injecting a little adventure into his life.  What’s holding you back?

What now?

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Who says you have to go high-tech?

7 thoughts on “Who says you have to go high-tech?

  • February 29, 2012 at 12:58 PM

    Me & my dad like your story ! Hope to meet u @ trichy / tanjore -tamilnadu. best wishes… call us @ (0)9043948360

  • December 22, 2014 at 6:15 AM

    I love stories like that. My son and I, whilst cycling from Newcastle to The Gold Coast (Australia) met an older retired man on the Pacific Hwy. Riding an old mountain bike with carry bag strapped to a rear rack, he was definitely lo tech. Dressed in casual clothes and flip-flops (thongs in Australia) he was heading to Cairns, thousands of kms away. I admire people like him, who find the courage to go on tour with the bike and stuff they have at that moment.


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