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Heading south via Central America takes one on a ride through unique zones of culture, economic extremes, and geography. However, once the frontier between Nicaragua and Costa Rica is breached, everything seems to change. It is a shame, that many touring folks pass on the opportunity to enjoy what this lovely country has to offer off the beaten track (meaning the Panamerican Hihgway).

Having said that, here is our list of the more prominent reasons to cycle Costa Rica:

Reason #1.

There is a more palpable sense of security for the cyclists in the country, you don’t always have the feeling you are time travelling through the old gunslinger wild west of America. Mucho mas tranquilo!

Reason #2.

Immediately after crossing the border, the abundance of tropical forest tells one he is in Costa Rica. And welcoming you, perched in tree branches immediately over the highway, are monkeys full on into a sex show… not too inhibited and you can pick up a few tips. Only the cyclists cash in on the show.


Reason # 3

If you are a beach afficianado, which we are, the most spectacular and secluded (undeveloped) beach in Latin America is just west of La Cruz. Turn off the Panamericana there, head through town and down the hill toward the Pacific. There is a nice beach down the road but the jewel is at the end of the road, about three quarter hour or so out of town. There is also a bus that takes you near the beach, if you need to pick up supplies. Take a hammock and rest your weary bones.


Reason # 4

Liberia has 2 things going for it: A good bike shop with gear and mechanics, and a good German bakery. If you are an ice-cream freak, Dos Pinos ice cream is the best of all in Latin America, fill your face!


Reason # 5

Get off the beaten track without sacrificing too many miles. Turn west at Liberia and head for the Nicoya peninsula and enjoy not being on the Panamericana. Much of it is dirt and hilly, but who cares! There are tons more adventures, lots of pit stops, places to camp, and discover the hideouts of the 1960’s crowd which, of course, are in the most beautiful beach areas. Don’t pass on Montezuma… worth the hills and there is beach camping.


Reason # 6

Okay, so we can’t count! Take a side trip into one of the many National Parks for which Costa Rica is famous.



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Top 5 Reasons to Cycle Costa Rica

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