This is a guest post by Thomas Andersen from Cycling the Globe.

Reason 1: Cycle culture

Denmark is a cycle friendly nation. You will mostly be riding on cycle
paths and marked cycle routes. Drivers are used to look out for
cyclists. Cycling in Denmark should be enjoyable and safe.


Reason 2: Danish pastry

Being a cyclist you can enjoy a Danish for breakfast without feeling
bad. By the way, the Danes themselves call their their pastry
“wienerbrød” which translates into “bread from Vienna”.

Reason 3: Long days, short nights (at least in summer)

In June and July there the night only lasts from 11 pm to 3 am. Thats
a lot of daylight hours to do your cycling. Of course you will find
the opposite to be true if you for some reason choose to go bicycling
in Denmark in the winter.


Reason 4: No language problems

You will have no problems communicating with the Danes. English is
spoken by everyone and even German will get you far in most places. If
you are on the country side the Danes can be somewhat shy, so don’t be
afraid to start the conversation yourself.


Reason 5: Flat roads

With the highest point in Denmark reaching only 170 m above sea level
you will never find yourself half dead, fighting one of those nasty


About Thomas Andersen:

Thomas is a Danish cyclist on his way from Copenhagen to Sydney.  You can follow his bicycle tour at

Top 5 reasons to cycle Denmark
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