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Reason #1

Your choice of landscapes. Do you like mountain passes? Long flat stretches? Winding, tree-lined roads? Rocky shores? Canada has them all, and on a large scale.


Reason #2

Poutine. Doughnuts. Butter tarts. Sugar Pie. Back bacon. Fiddlehead greens. Montreal smoked meat. Bakeapple pie. Nanaimo bars. A wide selection of gastronomic curiosities that beg to be sampled.


Reason #3

Great National and Provincial parks. Every province offers great camping facilities, often with showers, barbecue pits, laundry facilities and exceptional views.

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Reason #4

Wide open spaces. With nearly ten million square kilometers to explore, Canada is perfect for those who like a long ride. And with smooth, flat roads and a tailwind, it’s not uncommon to cover 150 to 200 kilometers in a day.


Reason #5

Water. Canada is a country of streams, rivers, waterfalls and lakes. You’re never far away from the soothing sound of cool, clear water – the perfect place for a dip at the end of a day’s riding.



About the Author

David Houghton has cycled across every province in Canada, as well as ridden in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Caribbean. He is the founder of the Biciklo Guide to Cycling Tours at


Top 5 Reasons to Cycle Canada
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