This is a guest post by Michael Münchehofe.

Reason 1: Beaches

Beach addicted cyclists will find their Shangri-La in Brazil. The 8.000 km long coastline is full of accessible beaches and most of them are deserted when you are in the North-East. Up in the North-East you can go during low tide with bicycle from Natal to Sao Louis some 1.500 km on the beach. There will be no traffic, no people, just you, your bicycle, the wind, the sand and the Atlantic Ocean.

Can't think of a better place in the world to repair a flat.


Reason 2: the Music

When two roads cross, there is a corner. Close to every corner, there is music wherever you are in Brazil. Music boxes are in houses, on the road or in cars passing by or someone is singing going by. During night or even in the day, a band may pop up playing music which is remarkably good. My favourites are Djavan, Maria Bethania, Ney Matogrosso, Tim Maia or Leila Pinheiro.

Sousa, Paraíba

Reason 3:  Fruit

Brazil is the land of fruit. Fresh fruit, Fruit juices, Fruit cake and or ice cream will accompany you. Coconut juice, Papaya or water melons are my favourites. There are more: Acerola, Pitanga, Sapoti, Copuacu, Graviola. Natural energy keeps you on the track.

Mundaú, Ceará


Reason 4: Light travelling

Brazil is a tropical country. You can reduce your travel gear easily to 15 kg or less especially when cycling in the North-East.

São Paulo


Reason 5: Saudade

Being back at home, you will remember all the music, beaches, fruits and the two shirts and the Bermuda which you used for weeks. You will remember the enchanting welcome of the people you met and the general happiness of this multi colourful nation. If you are feeling that your daily life is incomplete, you are simply yearning for Brazil (= saudade).

Jericoacoara, Ceará


About the Author

Michael Münchehofe – – is from Berlin, Germany. Michael received his first bicycle when he was 5 years old. Ever since, traveling by bicycle has been more for him than going from A to B. In the last ten years he has focused on cycling in South America, especially Brazil.

Michael holds a PhD in Economics from Sciences-Po Paris and is self-employed in real estate valuation.




Top 5 Reasons to Cycle Brazil

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