Support for World Biking

Our quest to cycle every country on the planet is kindly supported by the following companies:


Ortlieb is synonymous with high-quality and excellent service.  Their waterproof panniers and bikepacking gear are easy to attach and fully waterproof.


We've been using MSR multi-fuel stoves for over a decade.  Both the MSR Dragonfly and the International Whisper light stoves are bike touring tough and dependable.


Tubus makes the best racks around. We've been using them since our cycling expedition began in 2006 and wouldn't change for anything.


Schwalbe makes some of the toughest tires around. For over a decade we've tested Schwalbe's durability on some of the world's roughest roads. We've ridden on Schwalbe tires fully-loaded through the Andes and the Himalayas and some of the remotest parts of Africa. Our latest challenge for the Schwalbe Marathon Mondial's was riding Adventure Cycling's Great Divide Mountain Bike Trail.

Acme Made

Acme Made products are identifiable by their clean, crisp design and vibrant accents inspired by the streets of San Francisco. Their laptop and tablet sleeves are designed to protect your gear and they look pretty darn cool too!  Acme Made products have been protecting our electronics since 2011.  

Planet Bike

Planet Bike creates innovative products that make it easier and safer for people to ride bicycles. Whether it's bike bells, headlights or pumps you're after, you'll find them at Planet Bike.


Sawyer Filtration Solutions

Sawyer water filters are incredibly small, surprisingly easy-to-use and very reliable. They're great for multi-year bicycle tours because you can use them for up to a decade without needing to replace anything.


The AeroPress coffee maker is a new kind of coffee press that uses total immersion and fast filtering.


Solarc is the maker of the highly-useful Scotty solar battery charger. Don't set off on a cycling tour without one.


DaBrim attaches easily to any bicycle helmet and protects you from the blazing sun.



Mc Nett manufactures aquasure and seamgrip products which are ideal for field repairs on panniers, stuff bags, and tent materials. A real lifesaver and a must if you're planning a long tour.


Sapim makes quality spokes that last.  It's as simple as that.


Epic Wipes are towel-sized wet wipes made of bamboo and other natural ingredients. They're gentle on your body and respectful of the planet.


Petzl produces some of the best headlamps on the market.  This is one product we use on a daily basis so it pays to have quality.

Busch + Mueller

Busch + Mueller make bicycle lighting systems and mirrors that ensure you'll see and be seen. Think safety, think B+M.


DivaCup is an award winning environmentally-friendly alternative to messy tampons and pads.


Ride street-smart with reflective gear and mirrors. The easiest way to stay safe while bicycle touring is to make sure you can see and be seen.


Lunatec's Scrubr™ QuickDr camping dishcloth makes doing the washing up a snap. Trekr™ is the ultimate travel washcloth and the first designed specifically for adventurous travelers.