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Biking South AmericaUpdate 63    23 October 2010      Cycling South America
A numeric update of our bicycle tour through Paraguay, Argentina, a tiny part of Brazil and Uruguay. read more>>

Biking South AmericaUpdate 62    14 September 2010      Cycling South America: Biking Bolivia
iking the Chaco embodies all that I despair of in bicycle touring.  It’s remote, life is unpredictable, there’s a Wild West feel to this desolate patch of scrubland.  There’s no food, no comforts, no medical help.  Jaguars hide in the hinterland.The Chaco attracts intrepid...  read more>>

Biking South AmericaUpdate 61    12 August 2010      Cycling South America: Biking Brazil
"Which way now?”
 “I dunno.”  The road suddenly split into two and we were stumped.  One narrow dusty track continued straight on.  The other, the more travelled of the two judging from the tire tracks, veered off to the right.  When we’d set off just after sunrise, nobody...   read more>>

Biking in GuyanaUpdate 60    14 July 2010      Cycling South AmericaBiking Brazil
"What´s bizarre about Brazil?"  "Bizarre?" I questioned.  "Yeah, you know.  Weird. Strange.  Unusual.  Different from your country," prodded Lucas, our latest couchsurfing host."I dunno," I muttered, scooping another spoonful of maracuja ice cream...   read more>>

Biking in GuyanaUpdate 59    21 June 2010      Cycling South AmericaBiking French Guiana
It dawned on me, as I kept watch on Eric hooked up to an IV on a hard hospital bed In Kourou, that June 6th marked four years on the road. 1,460 days spent cycling more than 75,000 kilometers through 75 countries on 5 continents.  This milestone, it seemed, was worthy of  read more>>

Biking in GuyanaUpdate 58    11 May 2010      Cycling South America: Biking Guyana
I sat in perfect contentment and watched the steady fall of the rain.  No immediate worries plagued us.  We had found shelter at the Pirara Ranch.   All morning we'd been slogging away on 'the trail.' That's how locals refer to the 460 kilometer dirt track connecting  read more>>

Biking in VenezuelaUpdate 57  24 April  2010         Cycling Around the WorldBiking Venezuela
Rolling across the border from orderly Colombia, we pedaled into a land of crazed drivers and crappy roads.  A place where rusty 4-wheeled relics resurrected from a 1970´s gas guzzler graveyard gasped and wheezed along weed infested roads riddled with man-sized  read more>>

Biking in ColombiaUpdate 56  25 March  2010         Cycling Around the WorldBiking Colombia
"Colombia - the only risk is wanting to stay" is the country's official tourism slogan.  Not quite sure what the folks at the tourism board intended with that cryptic message.  Our couchsurfing host assured us that Cartagena, on Colombia´s northern Caribbean coast, was one of the safest cities on the planet.  I wondered if read more>>

Biking in Central AmericaUpdate 55  10 March  2010          Cycling Around the WorldBiking Central America, Part 2
The road comes to a halt when it hits the Darién Gap.  An adventurous boat ride ahead or a cheap flight to Colombia.  There´s a decision to make.

Biking in Central AmericaUpdate 54  15 February  2010         Cycling Around the WorldBiking Central America
All the tales of thugs and thieves have got us rushing through Central America.  Still we take the time to meet up with locals, listen to their stories of life in this part of the world and enjoy some spectacular rides with volcanoes spewing steam in the distance.

Biking in GuatemalaUpdate 53  29 January  2010          Cycling Around the WorldBiking Guatemala
Biking off the beaten path we visit Mayan ruins surrounded by pristine jungle, and chill out in the highlands after some torturous climbs.

Biking in BelizeUpdate 52  6 January  2010          Cycling Around the WorldBiking Belize
An attempt to discover the 'authentic' side of Belize and not just dive spots for well-heeled tourists and the usual sandy beaches forces me to face deep-seated fears.

Biking in MexicoUpdate 51  6 January  2010          Cycling Around the WorldMexico
Falling ill in a tiny village, a fearful trip to the latrine and a look at the two very different worlds of urban and rural Mexico.  Biking Mexico continues to be a fascinating, albeit confusing experience. 

Biking in MexicoUpdate 50  21 December  2009          Cycling Around the WorldMexico
Soldiers armed to the hilt.  Friendly Mexicans who go out of their way to make our stay pleasant and a look at the vagaries of life as we meet up with migrants heading north. 

Why you shouldn't pass up the chance to cycle around the world.Update 49  9 December  2009          Musings while Cycling Around the World
10 Really Good Reasons to go on a World Bike Tour:
Discover all the hidden fringe benefits of bike touring—even how to become an overnight superstar.  Plus a few key ways that a bike tour can translate into tangible job skills. 

Cycling around the World update 48- Biking TexasUpdate 48  27 November  2009        Cycling across America: Biking Texas
The truth about Texas.  Confessions of a Trespasser.  Encounter with Eric the Anarchist.  A lot's happening as we bike through this dusty and desolate part of West Texas.

Cycling around the World update 47- Biking the Arizona Desert.Update 47  10 November  2009        Cycling across America: Biking the Arizona Desert
The adventure takes a new turn as we face an encounter with a small town Sheriff and some unfriendly locals.  The other-worldly scenery of Joshua Tree is compensation for our troubles.

Cycling around the World update 46- alifornia.Update 46  29 October  2009        Cycling across America: California
Seven days in the life of two round the world cyclists.  It's been a busy week filled with good times and great food as we meet up with all sorts of generous hosts.  The scenery changes as we head inland towards Bakersfield on our way to the high desert.

Cycling around the World update 45- the coast.Update 45  18 October  2009        Cycling across America: the Pacific Coast
17 states.  4,657 miles.  59 riding days.  From Atlantic to Pacific, we have biked the length of the fourth largest country in the world.  A moment to rejoice and reflect as we dip our wheels into the crashing waves of the Pacific.

Cycling around the World update 43- Montana.Update 44  23 September  2009        Cycling across America: the Pacific Northwest
We're pedaling towards the Pacific and getting a glimpse off a very diverse America.  From the majestic Rocky Mountains to the spectacular Columbia River Gorge, this corner of the country doesn't disappoint.  

Cycling around the World update 43- Montana.Update 43  06 September  2009         Coming Home and why we Roam
Coming home to the Last Best Place on Earth and reflections on why we continue to roam.  Our World Bike Tour is on pause while we take a breather in the Big Sky Country.

Cycling around the World update 42- Kindness.Update 42  22 August  2009         Life on the Road:  Random Acts of Kindness
Biking around the world seems to bring out the best in humanity.  Whether it's cycling from Mali to Mozambique or Maryland to Montana, we always meet up with kindness as we tour the world.

Cycling in USA update 40- western states.Update 41  10 August  2009         Cycling across America: the western states
Some of the best cycling in America as we race through the Rockies.  Plenty of high mountain passes and lots of diversity as we cross Utah's arid eastern desert.

Cycling in USA update 40- central states.Update 40  26 July  2009         Cycling across America: the central states
Biking across America is all about the people we meet.  An evening with an exorcist helps break up the monotony of cycling across the Great Plains while enduring heat and headwinds.

Update 39 11 July  2009         Cycling across America: the southern states
Severe leg fatigue sets in as we take on the steep climbs to cross the Appalachians.  Our first taste of southern hospitality doesn't disappoint as our world biking tour continues through West Virginia and Kentucky.

Update 38 22 June  2009         Cycling across America: the east coast
From New York City's busy expressways to the back roads of rural Maryland the adventure of cycling around the world continues.

Update 37  25 May  2009         Cycling in Europe: Slovenia, Switzerland, Italy and France
Back to where we began. After two years, eleven months and seven days on the road-- 55, 236 kilometers pedaled and 55 countries visited-- we return to Obernai.  Dreams do come true!

Update 36  28 April  2009         Cycling through the Balkans
From the shimmering turquoise waters of the Adriatic to the high mountains of the interior we've been surrounded by unbeatable natural beauty.  Paradise indeed, if only this part of the world hadn't already been discovered by the European package tourist industry.

Update 35  14 April  2009         Cycling through Turkey
This may be where east meets west, but the hospitality is pure Middle Eastern.  Fantastic riding along the Mediterranean and North Aegean coasts makes up for all the weather-induced suffering.

Update 34  20 March  2009         Cycling through Lebanon and Syria
Roman ruins, fairy-tale castles and an invitation to join in for a cup of tea at every turn.  Middle Eastern hospitality has made the trip through this part of the world unforgettable.  

Update 33  26 February  2009         Cycling through Sinai, Jordan and Syria
From the rugged red granite mountains of the Sinai to the surreal landscape around the Dead Sea  we've been spoiled with beauty over the past month.  But with stone-throwing brats on the King's Highway and a freak snowstorm on the Syrian border, we've had a lot to contend with.  

Update 32  26 January  2009         Cycling through Egypt
A 1,300 kilometer detour through the desert?  You'd have thought we'd seen enough of the Sahara on the ride south.  The dramatic wind-sculpted rock formations of the White Desert almost compensate for the unrelenting headwind.  

Update 31  2 January  2009         Cycling through Sudan
Seas of sand, days without passing a single village, an unbearable scorching sun...the ride through the Nubian desert isn't quite as tough as some cyclists have made it out to be, but a challenge nevertheless.  We reach Egypt on the last day of 2008 and already feel a bit nostalgic about leaving                                  Africa behind.

Update 30  16 December  2008         Cycling through Northern Ethiopia & Sudan
Ethiopia has been blessed with spectacular mountain scenery and enjoys one of the most pleasant climates on the continent.  It would be a perfect cycling destination if it weren't for the constant hassles and humiliations one encounters on the road.  Sudan surprises with warm hospitality and                                       generosity beyond belief.

Update 29  22 November  2008         Cycling through Southern Ethiopia
The difficulties drag on, but we forge on.  Southern Ethiopia has been drenched by unseasonable rains and navigating the muddy tracks is proving to be a challenge.  Our ride through the Omo Valley offers a glimpse into the world of the intriguing Hamer and Dasanesch tribes.

Update 28  11 November  2008         Cycling through  Kenya
Exploring the tribal region of Northeast Kenya proves to more adventure than we reckoned with.  The people living near lake Turkana are fascinating, but with inter-tribal conflicts, rough tracks instead of roads and some of the harshest terrain in Africa, we've got our work cut out for us.

Update 27  5 October  2008         Cycling through  Tanzania-Zanzibar
White sands and turquoise waters, an exotic melange of the Arab, Indian and African worlds--a trip to Zanzibar isn't to be missed.  Plus a few anecdotes about life on the road.

Update 26  11 September  2008         Cycling through Malawi
Africa.  We love it.  We hate it.   We can't seem to escape it.  Malawi the second time around.  The lake still sparkles, the kids still clamber to get a look at the passing Mzungu and our patience starts wearing thin with the everyday trials of being on the road.  

Update 25  23 August  2008         Cycling through Mozambique
2,500 kilometers of pristine coastline backed by pure African bush and some of the kindest people on the continent, that's Mozambique.  

Update 24  30 July  2008         Cycling through South Africa and Swaziland
It's great to be back in Africa!  Fresh air, wide open spaces and loads of unbelievable hospitality.  It's the dead of winter on the highveld, but even the cold can't spoil our return to the oldest continent on earth.

Update 23  27 June  2008         Cycling through India: Karnataka
Ramblings about life in India and musings about what it means to be a vagabond.  Adventure addicts, Africa fans and cycling buffs are advised to check back in July, when we'll come to you live from Mozambique.

Update 22  18 April  2008         Cycling through India:Tamil Nadu & Kerala
A bit of brainwashing at a yoga ashram, fantastic rides through the tea plantations and forests of the Western Ghats and a return to suffering as South India's plains start to sizzle in the summer heat.

Update 21  8 January  2008         Cycling through South Africa & Lesotho
Lots of interaction with the locals as we learn more about the challenges facing the Rainbow Nation. Tackling the many spectacular passes of the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho  left our legs aching and our bums burning but it is nevertheless one of the highlights of our entire trip.

Update 20  27 November  2007         Cycling through South Africa
After 1 year, 5 months and 6 days we arrive in Cape Town at last!  But is this really the end of the adventure?  Find out more.

Update 19   08 November  2007         Cycling through Namibia
Namibia is desert country and totally unsuitable for a cycling holiday. Maybe we should have heeded this advice from the travel experts at Lonely Planet.  

Update 18   09 October  2007         Cycling through Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana
This part of Africa is just one big national park with elephants wandering across the highway, giraffes mating by the roadside and hippos outside the tent waking us in the early hours of morning.  We're feeling a little nostalgic for 'exotic' Africa but are nevertheless enjoying the      comforts of 'modern' Africa.

Update 17   05 September  2007         Cycling through Burundi, Tanzania and Malawi
Colorful locals and overloaded bikes in Burundi, a look at little-visited Western Tanzania and an overdose of relaxation on the shores of Lake Malawi.

Update 16   01 August  2007         Cycling through Rwanda and Uganda
 The 'Land of a Thousand Hills' and the 'Pearl of Africa'  don't disappoint.  Winding mountain roads flanked by patchworks of neat garden plots, rolling hills of verdant tea plantations, and spectacular crater lakes and towering volcanoes, you just can't beat these tiny East African countries for                                          scenery.  Our legs are weary by day's end, but it's a satisfying sort of fatigue.

Update 15   01 July 2007         Cycling through Republic of Congo, DR Congo and Europe
 A wild train ride through a rebel-controlled zone brings us to Brazzaville.  Fate brings us a flight to Europe and chaotic Congo brings us headaches and hassles.  Year two is off to a shaky start.

Update 14   16 May  2007         Cycling through Equatorial Guinea and Gabon
 Back on the bikes in the heart of Africa!  This is the tropics, folks, and downpours are daily in the steamy jungle.  Roads turn to rivers, chains clog up and we wallow in the muck and mire. Perhaps it's time for a quick trip home to recuperate before the next leg of our journey.

Update 13   9 April  2007         Cycling through Cameroon
 This is our first taste of Central Africa and its steamy equatorial rain forests, volcanic highlands and bullying bureaucrats.  After a minor mishap the pedaling comes to a halt and we find ourselves stuck in Bamenda while Eric recovers from a hard fall.  

Update 12   6 March  2007         Cycling through Nigeria
 It may not be top on the list for most travelers, but you'll be hard-pressed to find kinder or friendlier people than the Nigerians.  From kamikaze drivers on hectic highways to curious children on isolated pistes, there's never a dull moment in Nigeria.

Update 11    17 February  2007         Cycling through Togo and Benin
 These often overlooked countries are full of exciting places to discover.  From the cocoa triangle of Togo to the stilt villages of Benin, this is a slice of Africa packed with diversity.

Update 10    30 January  2007         Cycling through Burkina Faso and Ghana
 We're rediscovering the joys of cycling as we conquer the hilly jungle region around Kumasi and speed along the smooth tarmac of Ghana's highways.  Lots of touristy activities provide some welcome breaks from the pedaling.

Update 9    27 December  2006         Cycling through Mali and Niger
 Dusty roads and thorn-filed pistes, it's no surprise that Eric is up to 19 punctures.  
The exotic Sahel at its best with colorful markets, camels and Tuareg nomads.

Update 8    22 November  2006         Cycling through Guinea-Bissau, Guinea and Sierra Leone
Passing through numerous villages off the beaten track, discovering  little visited Sierra Leone and more battles with rough roads.  Another exciting month in West Africa.

Update 7    17 October  2006          Cycling through Senegal and the Gambia
Difficult travel as the rainy season in West Africa winds down, a look at village life along the banks of the Gambia River and lots of chats with the friendly locals.  

Update 6    19 September  2006          Cycling through Western Sahara and Mauritania 
A lonely highway stretching  2000 kilometers through dunes and stony hammada, a surprise midnight downpour in the desert, and lots of interesting characters eking out a living in an inhospitable climate.

Update 5    5 September  2006          Cycling through Morocco
Grueling climbs in Morocco's mountains, overwhelming hospitality and discovering the exotic Maghreb in the souqs of Meknès.

Update 4    7 August  2006          Cycling through Portugal and Morocco
Cruising down Portugal's windswept Atlantic coast, suffering under the scorching sun on the way to Seville and finally, amid much mayhem, arriving in Africa via the Spanish enclave of Ceuta.

Update3    22 July 2006          Cycling through France and Portugal
Tours of some of the villages voted 'the most beautiful in France', playing pilgrim on the Camino de Santiago and an arduous journey to the end of the world at Fisterra, Galicia.

Update 2    15 June 2006   Cycling through France 
Breaking in the Brooks saddles and some easy riding on the serene bicycle paths following the Rhine and its canals.

Update1    April/May 2006     Darmstadt, Germany
Pre-departure stress and buying sprees.

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