FAQs about cycling around the world.

Here are some of the questions we are commonly asked about the trip.  Click on the question to see the answer.

  • Why Africa by bike?
  • How far do you usually cycle per day?
  • How much water do you usually carry?
  • What spare parts do you recommend taking along? How do you repair things on the road?
  • What's the longest distance you've covered in one day?
  • What's the toughest part of cycling in Africa?
  • Do you meet a lot of other tourists and cyclists during your travels?
  • How do the locals treat you?  Are they hospitable?  How do you communicate if you don't speak the local language?
  • Wasn't riding through the desert in Western Sahara and Mauritania difficult?
  • What do you eat?
  • What's a typical day?
  • Are you actually enjoying this trip? It seems like you complain a lot in your updates. Why don't you just return to Europe if you're suffering so much?
  • How long will the trip take?
  • Did you have experience cycling long distances before you started this trip?
  • How are you financing the trip?  How much have you budgeted?
  • What do you miss the most?
  • My impression of Africa is that it's a very dangerous continent.  I'm always reading about poverty, famine, wars and internal conflicts.  Isn't cycling through Africa very risky?  
  • How did you prepare yourselves physically for the cycling tour?
  • Where do you usually sleep?  At hotels, campsites, wild camping?
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    Didn't find your question on the list above?  Email us at worldbiking@gmail.com and we'll be glad to help.